Who is Faith? Only the single most important woman in the entirety of time and space. An anomaly, who saved you and everyone you ever cared about. A petite human, pent up with rage, profanity, electricity, and more problems than multiple universes could muster up. So who is Faith? Never heard of her.

Gar is a cat who loves to play and explore. One day he sees something on Dad's bookshelf that he wants. With his best buddy, his toy mouse, Harold, they will stop at nothing, including danger, to win the greatest object Dad is keeping from them, the forbidden top shelf shiny. 

It's been three years since the events of Quasi-Daisy. The world as we know it has changed in a way that shouldn't be possible. Overpopulation is rampant, nobody is dying anymore, even those who were in harrowing accidents; nuclear explosions, volcanic eruptions, nothing is killing people. There is only one possible reason. Faith has to be behind it all, even if she is aware of it or not. What sort of chaos ensues, when she finally finds her way back to Earth after spending an eternity slogging through a place that shouldn't exist, but does? New monsters, secret agents, kidnapping, and more.